Gus Zimmerman has a long interest in photography and has been taking pictures since he was a young child when his Dad gave him his first Brownie box camera.

As an adult he worked to perfect his art, photographing birds and landscapes and people. He has worked and studied with some of the best teaching professional photographers in the industry, sharpening his skills as a photographer, technologically and artistically. These include Arthur Morris, Bob Davis and Peter Hurley, who recently acknowledged Gus’s proficiency, by naming him a PH2 Pro Associate headshot photographer.

His academic and workplace interests were and are in technology and have also sharpened his technological skills as a photographer.

A thread running simultaneously with technological expertise through his adulthood, since he was an undergraduate tutor and advisor in college, has involved caring about and helping individuals and groups-in the workplace and elsewhere-to be their best selves and to achieve their goals. To this end, Gus now brings those personal skills to his photographic sessions in order to bring peoples’ best feelings about themselves to the surface and capture them for all to see.

Gus Zimmerman

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